High quality kitchens – What worktop should you choose?

When you are designing a bespoke kitchen, deciding on a high quality kitchen worktop is one of the most important decisions you will make. Not only will it be where you prepare and sometimes eat your meals, it is one of the most distinguishable features in a kitchen, so it’s important that you choose the worktop that is right both for your style and lifestyle, and not just your budget.

In addition to looks and providing you with enough space, your worktop needs to be a high quality worktop as it will have to endure the wears of everyday use. So as well as looking beautiful, it needs to be strong and durable.

Among the most popularly used materials for kitchen worktops are laminate, granite, wood, glass and composite stone, all of which have different advantages. It's important to do your research and decide what your priorities are in a worktop, be that look, durability or price.

Below we have provided some information about the most popular kitchen worktop materials.


Beautiful in any area of the kitchen, a large expanse of glossy granite makes a gorgeous and striking island worktop in particular. A luxury material that never falls out of fashion and suits traditional and modern styles, Granite is a stunning worktop material. It is also the most durable out of all the natural materials - withstanding high temperatures as well as being water resistant and impervious to most stains.


Hardwood suits all kitchen styles and can be easily incorporated into either traditional designs or contemporary schemes, using glass or stainless steel to add a warm feel. Hardwood surfaces look beautiful and can be very durable. They will last for a long time as long as you don’t the worktop as a chopping board, or place hot pans directly onto the wood, as it can scorch.


Composite is practical and beautiful choice for a kitchen worktop. Dramatic colours like dark grey and navy look fabulous in modern and contemporary kitchens, and neutral tones look beautiful in more traditional designs. Composite is very durable, and as the colour runs right the way through the material, any scratches can be sanded out.


Best for use in a contemporary, modern kitchen design, glass for work surfaces is toughened to increase durability and so is heat, acid and water resistant. Due to its reflective surface, glass is useful as a feature worktop in small kitchens to increase the feeling of space.

It is also possible to use a combination of materials on one worktop area, depending on your functional or design needs. For example, a worktop area with a combination of granite stone and hardwood can not only look good but is practical when it comes to chopping and preparing baked food.

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